Perfect Beach Bodrum is Turkey’s St Tropez with infinity pools and amazing food

All places of influencer dreams, with their picturesque backdrops, trendy beach clubs and overpriced bottles of Whispering Angel.

Bodrum is known as Turkey's St Tropez and has spectacular beaches and weather

Bodrum is known as Turkey’s St Tropez and has spectacular beaches and weatherCredit: supplied

And, obviously, as a showbiz editor, all my usual haunts.

But with cost of living going through the roof, and my bank balance through the floor, it was time to branch out.

Brilliantly, it turns out, there’s a new “cool” holiday destination in town — well, port: Bodrum.

Known as both the St Tropez of Turkey and the Turkish Riviera — depending on your previous posh point of reference — this glorious spot on the Aegean is thriving. And deservedly so.

It’s also around half the price of its aforementioned Mediterranean rivals, but with glorious, unspoiled beaches, and weather to rival any of them.

And, oh, the food! But more of that later.