Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is an important component to any global company and that includes Sunset Hospitality Group. With Sunset’s exponential expansion across the map, the initiatives towards a Go Green movement are not forgotten. METT Hotel & Beach Resort Marbella – Estepona, Sunset Hospitality’s first hotel opening in Europe, is implementing great initiatives to follow this movement. From the room cards produced with bamboo material, a component considered to be one of the most ecological and sustainable materials today, to the use of 100% recycled materials, such as the Auara water bottles whose packaging is Rpet 100%, Recycled and 100% Recyclable. In addition, the ‘0 km’ products, offering ecological, organic, and local products, thus favoring the market of the area.

In efforts to protect the environment, the hotel has installed modern automation systems such as BMS & Metering. With the implementation of these systems the hotel now features smart meters that keep track of the impact that the building facilities are having on the ecological footprint.

As far as energy is concerned, we have two spaces for vehicles with electric chargers, two charging points each making a total of four charging points. We have also carried out the installation of photovoltaic panels through Blue Tree, positively affecting the environment and the profitability of the project, generating energy for self-consumption.

The air conditioning installations have been carried out by Airlan Systems. Manufacturer of Air Conditioning Equipment that offers solutions focused on energy efficiency, noise level and construction design.

In addition, to optimize the building’s energy management, we have a green roof over Isola Restaurant that includes a brise-soleil, whose functions are to; retain rainwater, contribute to air purification, help the reduction of the ambient temperature, and to insulate thermally. In short, this effort is to contribute to saving energy and positively impacting climate change.

All these actions have contributed to obtaining the CEE Certificate, the energy certificate resulting from the calculation of the energy consumption necessary to satisfy the energy demand of the building, reaching a B Energy rating.

We also have received the BREEAM Certification Very Good, a pioneering international certificate in sustainable architecture that measures the degree of environmental sustainability of buildings.