Betty Yaghi

Betty Yaghi is a Lebanese contemporary artist born in 1984.Having lived in several countries, B. Yaghi soaked up the rich cultures of Beirut, London, Miami and Dubai, and was immersed with the various art worlds the cities had to offer. B. Yaghi’s work is strongly influenced by the 20th century movement of art coming from within oneself rather than revolving around a subject matter, which was led by masters such as Jackson Pollock for Abstract- Expressionism. Utilizing the art movement characterized by free-associative gestures, B. Yaghi launched her work and coined the term “mind-scapes”, a depiction of mental landscapes portrayed as aesthetic blueprints of one’s intricate thoughts and emotional process.

Betty Yaghi’s new art series ‘’ Rêveuse’’ will be exhibited at METT Art Gallery. With breathtaking views of the Haremtan Bay and a warm ambiance this multifunctional Gallery serves as an intimate and inviting space for visitors, guests and friends. After multiple solo exhibitions and taking part in the world’s largest and most prominent art fairs, like Basel Switzerland, Paris Contemporary, Art Miami, Zona-Maco Mexico, Palm Beach Modern& Contemporary and Art Dubai. B. Yaghi’s work penetrated the international art scene and gained recognition as “purposeful” and “hard to get out of”.