Еда & Напитки

Знакомство с модной и аппетитной едой

METT hotels & resorts core values reside with our guests taking pleasure in their dining experiences. The focus is on desirable dining alongside fun and unique entertainment. From well-known brands like Folie, Isola, or Attiko each restaurant concept is sure to allure the right clientele from both inside and outside the hotel


Chic Mediterranean open-air restaurant.

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An Italian restaurant selected for the Michelin Guide 2024, featuring the iconic view of Bodrum Castle.

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Стильный ночной Лаундж

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Вкусный обед на берегу моря на пляже или у бассейна, в зависимости от Вашего настроения.

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Delivering the ultimate Turkish dining experience.

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Lobby Bar

Against the backdrop of the infinite Aegean Sea, with a new generation and trendy approach

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